Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here is Mr. Colton, as you can see he decided to be a Ninja this year for Halloween. I dont know where he came up with that idea, I didnt even know he knew what a Ninja was. We went to Mom and Dads this year trick or treatin. Haley decided to go to a friends house instead to hang out. Bummer for us we only had 1 bucket of candy to eat this year!

E.C.O.L. Cheering Competition

Just got back from Haley's ECOL Cheering competition. It was held at Claymont High School this year. Dover 7th Grade finished 2nd....behind Phila! Happy about placing 2nd, but not finishing behind Phila! haha Here is a short video clip of the performance. Haley is in the back on the far left. They had to do 2 cheers a chant and dance. That lasts about 2 minutes. Haley had a super time! Now they will be getting ready for basketball season which starts in December. A little break I hope!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Haley & Coltons Things

Here are a couple pics so you can see the kids, doing what they do!


A Murphy Wedding News

Hey Everyone!

So here is my first blog entry! I check up on my Cousin Ambers blog in TN every week or so. So it looked like fun and I thought I would create my own! Kind of like a scrapbook my Mom would think. Only way easier! She should start one too.

Last weekend Brian (Marks Bro) and Shelley got married. Mark was Bestman, Colton-ringbearer, Haley-jr bridesmaid and Patrick (Brians Son)-jr groomsman. Everybody looked awesome, took over 100 pics so it was hard choosing a couple to put on here. Had a great time, Congrats Brian and Shelley!

Haley has been busy with 7th grade cheerleading for DMS. Football season is almost over, 1 more game to go and that is Dover/Phila! She is super excited, the squad has been busy practicing for their ECOL competition in November. They have to do a cheer, chant and dance. Lots to learn, and I hear her constantly anywhere in the house chanting and jumping and dancing. If I hear her clap again....... Anyways, I think we all know the cheers, unfortunately so does Colton which does NOT seem right! haha Dad for sure doesnt like it. haha She has been doing really well in school as always, we'll see if she gets honor roll, she made it every semester last year. She has a school dance coming up next weekend, she is on student council so they take care of planning them. Its themed the 70's, so she wants to get some "peace" jewelery to wear! haha

Colton has been busy himself with 1st grade. Getting along really well, that 3rd week of school was a little rough for him getting use to tests and being there all day, but he quickly got over that and has been getting 100% on all his spelling tests and loving lunchtime again! He has 2 more games left in fall baseball! Who's idea was that?? Plus racing full time every Sunday, the season will be over Nov 9th, its been going on since May! I will be so happy when its done. But Colton LIVES for it for sure. He has accumulated 4 trophies and about 10 plaques (flat trophies as Colt calls them) and a couple medals. Every racer gets something no matter how they finished! Which is nice for the 1st year I guess. The Grandpa's have made it to a race or two, Mom went to the fair a couple weeks ago and seen him race there, Grandma Murphy hasnt yet, its a scary thing to the Grandma's to see Colton race. Maybe when he is older! haha

Well better sign off and see how this blog looks, check back! Take care!